Geocaching in the Salzkammergut

Geocaching in the Salzkammergut

A walking holiday combined with geocaching in Faistenau

The treasure hunt can begin...

Grab your GPS or smartphone and start on the modern way to go on a treasure hunt with the coordinates of the treasure (cache), which you have previously got off the internet!

If you would like to combine a walking holiday in Faistenau with a modern treasure hunt then you are in just the right place with us at the Fischerwirt Hotel! A perfect opportunity - even for children who are less keen on walking - to discover our valley and have fun at the same time.

Geocaches in Faistnau - from child-friendly to demanding

There are different types of caches - those with routes suitable for children or those with more challenging routes to the hiding place (do not forget to take the right kit with you!) or there are even puzzle caches. Look under the 1000-year-old lime tree by the Hintersee, at Lidaun in the Bear Cave or many other hiding places in our Fuschlsee region.
Here you can find further geocaches in Faistenau:

Geocaching Terms
GPS – Global Positioning System, satellite navigation
GPX – widely used file format for GPS data
Hint – help to find a cache (z.B. “magnetic”)
Listing – the cache description
Muggle – a person, who is not acquainted with geocaching (borrowed from Harry Potter)
Owner – the person who hid and owns a cache
Terrain – difficulty grading of the terrain
TFTC – is often written in the log and stands for “thanks for the cache”
Trackable – trackable object with a unique number (more on this in the guide) Enjoy active -exciting puzzle hours on your walks during your holiday at the Fischerwirt Hotel in Faistenau. Your holiday here will be a real experience.

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