Trip destinations in the City of Salzburg

Trip destinations in the City of Salzburg

Capital of the region and world heritage site

Visit the Festival City

From Faistenau you can reach the City of Salzburg in about 30 minutes - ideal for a day trip. Stroll through the famous Getreidegasse, visit the Salzburg cathedral square and the impressive Hohensalzburg fortress. The Salzburg old town has a lot of sights to see.

The Hohensalzburg fortress is a real eyecatcher high over the baroque towers of the city. As a landmark, which can be seen from far and wide, it is an unmistakeable part of the world-famous Salzburg silhouette.

The Hohensalzburg fortress

The landmark above the rooftops

It appears powerful to the visitor in the distance; once close up, history becomes real behind its thick walls. Also visitor magnets in addition to the magnificent royal apartments and the Reck Tower, are the evening concerts in stylish ambiance as well as advent at the Salzburg fortress. A visit with guided tour is well worth it.
Open all year round.

Hellbrunn Palace and the Water Games

A journey into the past ...

The extensive Hellbrunn Palace estate on the southern edge of Salzburg was constructed under Archbishop Markus Sittikus from 1613 to 1616. In addition to the magnificent palace it is above all the water games that are famous worldwide and which are unique of their kind. Grottos, fountains and other water-driven novelties await the visitor. Careful: you could get wet! Hellbrunn was conceived as a pleasure palace. By this one understands a summer residence which is intended for festive gatherings and receptions. The palace is open all year round, the water games only from April to October.

Salzburg Zoo

Nature and endangered species centre

The unique landscape to this zoo on Hellbrunn mountain, with the steep cliff wall on the one side and the contours of the foothills running into the water meadow landscape on the other, is home to around 800 wild animals - 140 species. Indigenous and exotic species, from the Alpine ibex to the zebra mongoose, live on the zoo's plot of approx. 14 hectares in near natural facilities. Zoo visitors experience the animal kingdom of Eurasia, South America and Africa at close range! Open all year round.

Haus der Natur (House of Nature)

Impressions of the Earth's habitats are presented in 80 display rooms: large aquariums, reptile zoo, space hall, giant rock crystals, the Salzach river's vital role, journey into the human body, man and beast in fable and legend, ...
Open all year round.

Hangar 7

Hangar 7 at Salzburg airport is a unique architectural artwork. Originally planned to house the continually growing collection of historic aircraft belonging to the Flying Bulls aerobatics team, today Hangar 7 is a synonym for avant-garde architecture, modern art and top flight cuisine. Discover the numerous facets of Hangar 7, the meeting place of art, haute cuisine and technology.

Due to its extraordinary architecture, Hangar 7 has become a new landmark of the City of Salzburg. When you stand inside Hangar 7 it looks as if a heavenly vault has opened above the historic aircraft. If looked at from outside, the construction makes you think of a wing, which emanates immense dynamism and weightlessness - despite the 1,200 tonnes of steel and 380 tonnes of special glass used in the building.
Open all year round & entrance free

Holiday with taste for culture, trips to the Salzburg old town and the fortress, stimulating hours in the Haus der Natur or in the Hellbrunn Zoo watching the animals, ... All this awaits you on your (Family) Holiday at the Fischerwirt Hotel in Faistenau. The possibilities for trips are countless and fun is guaranteed. Send us your non-binding booking enquiry now.

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