Running & nordic walking
Running & nordic walking

Running & nordic walking

Explore the Salzkammergut at a run

Running & nordic walking in Faistenau

There can hardly be anywhere better to practise your running and nordic walking than Faistenau. You find routes along streams and lakes, but also more demanding variations, which take you over hilly terrain and through forests. Are you one of those people who likes to go for a run alongside a brook in the morning dew? You are someone who needs movement whilst other people are still slumbering in their beds and then, bursting with vitality, you enjoy a gourmet breakfast whilst others are still rubbing their eyes? Then Faistenau has something for you.

Pure outdoor adventure in Faistenau

In the meantime running and nordic walking have come to be regarded by many keepfit enthusiasts not only as a welcome change but also as the basis for other kinds of sport. This region proves to be a true paradise for all active outdoors sportsmen and -women. Passing crystal clear lakes, fabulous flower meadows, through thick mixed forests and via demanding steep passages, runners and nordic walkers will certainly get their money's worth. By the way you can borrow nordic walking poles during your holiday at the Fischerwirt Hotel free of charge and start a circuit of the Hintersee directly outside the front door.

Running routes & events in the Salzkammergut

Specifically because of its excellent running routes, the region is a favourite venue for many running events. If you want to measure yourself against other amateur runners then you will have plenty of opportunity here with us in the Salzkammergut:

  • Schafberg run
    24 May 2020, mountain run (5.8 kilometres, 1,240 metres of climb)
  • Mondsee half marathon
    6 June 2020, along the Mondsee (21 kilometres)
  • Fuschlsee run
    30 August 2020, around the Fuschlsee (11.8 kilometres)
  • Wolfgangsee run
    16 October 2020, around the Wolfgangsee (27 kilometres), Finish
    (10 kilometres), women's race (5.2 kilometres)

Nordic walking - a healthy sport on holiday

It is not without reason that nordic walking is regarded as an especially healthy type of sport: up to 85 percent of the entire musculature of the body is involved and exercised. In comparison to walking, the percentage of calories burned is also higher. Another really healthy advantage of nordic walking is that the joints are spared, which come under great stress particularly when descending without poles.

Nordic Walking Courses in Faistenau
A prerequisite for the healthy effects of nordic walking is, of course, doing it correctly in the first place. You can attend a course in Faistenau on this. During a walk you will be taught the most important things about nordic walking. In the Fischerwirt Hotel we will be glad to inform you in person about the ranges of courses on offer and also provide further information about walks on our favourite routes such as, for example, around the Hintersee.

With nordic walking poles up to the alm

The roughly 40 alpine huts run as inns in our region are ideal goals for a nordic walking tour. Not only does lunch at the mountain hut entice you but with nordic walking the way itself is already the goal. Supported by the carbon poles you will find the ascent to the alm particularly easy.

Nordic walking courses around Faistenau

  • To the Ice Chapel
    From the Fischerwirt in the direction of the lake, go along the right-hand shore of the Hintersee, at the end of the lake do not follow the circular walk but carry straight on in the direction of the Ice Chapel, the Ice Chapel in Griessbachgraben is a spectacular whim of nature as it is a matter of a miniglacier, where the snow lies all summer long. The path leads you back to the Hintersee and along the lake shore lying opposite until you reaching your starting point, the Fischerwirt.
  • Sonnberg path
    You set off from the hotel in the direction of the lake, follow the left Hintersee shore until the Hirschpoint bathing beach, cross the Hinterseestrasse and follow the Sonnberg path until the neighbouring village Hintersee, from there go along the right edge of the forest along the path in the direction of the lake, go along the right-hand lake shore until you are back at your starting point.
  • Gruberalm
    You start from the head of the valley at Hintersee (Lämmerbach), go along Forststrasse up to the turn off, from there carry on until Gruberalm, after a cosy break on the alpine pasture take the way back into the valley.

Do you want to try out your running shoes on the trails or a new nordic walking route with your partner? Then just come to us in Faistenau. The Fischerwirt team can provide you with further information for sport-filled days by the Hintersee. Send your non-binding enquiry here.

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