Cross-country skiing in Faistenau
Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing in Faistenau

Cross-country skiing in Faistenau, the cross-country village

Wintertime is cross-country skiing season

The Fischerwirt is the ideal starting point for the most beautiful cross-country skiing tours in Faistenau. A total length of about 60 kilometres - consisting of ptimally tracked trails - have been prepared in the Faistenau winter landscape for cross-country skiing. Easy to medium difficult, beginning at the sports ground, directly in the village and leads into the Tiefbrunnau valley along the edge of the village. The trails are consistently in the sun and without any great gradients.

Away from hectic and crowds of people you will find your winter happiness when cross-country skiing amongst the snow-covered mountains.

Leistungen die den Unterschied machen:

  • wir sind der Spezialist für Ihren Langlaufurlaub
  • sind selbst Langläufer - stehen Ihnen mit Rat & Tat zur Seite
  • abschließbarer Skiraum mit Skiständer
  • Einrichtung zum Trocknen von Sportbekleidung
  • Verleih für Ausrüstung in Hotelnähe (Sport Auer)
  • Wäscheservice (gegen Gebühr)
  • Wachsecke mit Wachsbock, Wachszubehör
    (Wachsbügeleisen, Wachsabziehklinge, Belagsbürsten)
  • buchbare Langlaufpauschale (siehe Winterpauschalen)
  • kostenloser Skibus- bzw. Hotel-Shuttle zum nächsten Loipeneinstieg
  • Langlauf-Info-Corner

Cross-country skiing trails in Faistenau

You can joint the Faistenau cross-country skiing network 500 m from the Fischerwirt. The free skibus will also take you to where you join it. There is a charge for use of the cross-country skiing network. If you are holidaying at the Fischerwirt Hotel however then you will get the Faistenau cross-country ski card  "free of charge". In addition to the existing cross-country skiing network there is also a night trail available. The 5 kilometre Kugelberg trail consists of a classic trail, as well as a skating lane and is floodlit daily from dusk onwards up to 21.00 hrs.

Kugelberg Trail 5 km: The classically and skating tracked Kugelberg trail with its start and end at the centre of the village, the school, is very well suited to newcomers to the sport with some gradients. It is marked in red.

Village trail 5 km: the classically tracked village trail with its start and end at the village centre, the school, or at the Auer sport shops is, with several slopes, very varied and a little more demanding. The village trail is marked in orange and is very suited to experienced cross-country skiers.

Tiefbrunnau Trail 20 km: The classically and skating tracked Tiefbrunnau trail with its start/end point the village centre, the school, is to be regarded as a treat for untiring beginners due to its unspoilt nature and, due to its length, it is very well suited as a training course for performance-oriented cross-country skiers. It is marked in green.

Night Trail: The classically and skating tracked Kugelberg trail with its start and end
at the centre of the village, the school, ist very well suited to newcomers to the sport
with some gradients. It ist marked in red.
This area is lit in the evenings up to 21.00 hrs.

Cross-country skiing schools and equipment

Whether you are a newcomer or already have some experience, the cross-country schools in Faistenau have the right programme for you in their range. You would like to book a course or hire the cross-country gear? - No problem, we will gladly provide you with detailed information in person.

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Trails of the region in overview

The cross-country trails of the Fuschlsee region - a total of 145 kilometres:

  • Faistenau 60 kilometres
  • Hintersee 12 kilometres
  • Fuschl am See 18 kilometres
  • Thalgau 22 kilometres
  • Ebenau 11 kilometres
  • Koppl 13 kilometres

Relaxation in the inspiring winter landscape

Away from the busy traffic on the piste simply change down a gear. And enjoy the distance space and peace and quiet of the meadows and forests in deep snow - this is  a winter holiday in Faistenau. Movement in harmony with nature and in harmony with oneself - this is a winter holiday in the Salzkammergut.

Send your non-binding enquiry about a cross-country skiing holiday in the Salzkammergut. We will be pleased to be able to welcome you at the Fischerwirt Hotel.

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