Ski touring in our valley
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Ski touring in our valley

Soft, white winter joy

Fabulous ski touring

With the mountains of the Salzburger Land and the area of the Osterhorn group the Fuschlsee region offers you the perfect panorama for fabulous ski touring. Here every ski tour will find a great number of different routes with different difficulty levels. Exciting and unique moments in the snow await you! Should you now want to shorten the time until the next ski tour a little you can already plan your winter holiday at the Fischerwirt.

For you there is nothing more beautiful than the untouched snow that lies glistening next to the pisted slopes? In the Salzburger Land you will realise this dream by going ski touring and with the Fischerwirt Hotel

Leistungen die den Unterschied machen:

  • wir sind der Spezialist für Ihren Skitourenurlaub
  • stehen Ihnen mit Rat & Tat zur Seite
  • abschließbarer Skiraum mit Skiständer
  • Einrichtung zum Trocknen von Sportbekleidung
  • Verleih für Ausrüstung in Hotelnähe (Sport Auer)
  • Wäscheservice (gegen Gebühr)
  • Wachsecke mit Wachsbock, Wachszubehör
    (Wachsbügeleisen, Wachsabziehklinge, Belagsbürsten)
  • kostenloser Skibus- bzw. Hotel-Shuttle
    zum gewünschten Ausgangspunkt in unserem Tal
  • Skitouren-Vorschläge & Information über die Skitouren-Region
  • Skitouren-Info-Corner

Buchbare Pauschale: siehe Winterpauschalen

The ski touring learning path

To learn how to go ski touring and to train to do it try out the Salzkammergut ski touring learning path in Faistenau on the Loiberbacher heights. Numerous display boards and instructions provide descriptive information on the basis of which you can undertake the tour independently. You can book guided tours and the ski equipment can be hired.
We are listing a selection of the favourite ski tours in Faisternau and Hintersee:

Zwölferhorn (1,521 m)

  • altitude: 870
  • level of difficulty: Mittel
  • duration of the climb: approx. 2 hours
  • Way up: From the Tiefbrunnau car park go along Forststrasse, up to the Sausteigalm. An alternative to Forststrasse (when the snow cover is poor) the signposted “Alte Almweg” [Old Alm path], which leads directly from the car park, can be used. At the upper car park, underneath the Sausteigalm, the way heads upwards high over the "Steilhang” [steep slope] (the former drag track) directly to the summit cross. Anyone wanting something less strenuous to get there can also go left at the steep slope and will also get to the summit.
  • Departure: Over the steep slope and then follow the ascent track down into the valley again.

Bergköpfl (Auhofköpfl) to Hintersee (1,480 m)

  • altitude: 730 m
  • Best time from December to March, when there are big falls of new snow there is an avalanche risk when climbing the summit.
  • degree of difficulty: short and easy 
  • Duration of the ascent: approx. 2 hours
  • Route up: From the Salzstein car park walk a short way via a forest road. Now do not keep left in the direction of Bergalm, but climb up over the north ridge that starts here straight up to a hunting hut on the Auhofalm. Now keep right up to the next ridge, and climb up following this, finally passing through a forest up to the summit.
  • Departure: Via the north ridge following the ascent route back down again to the Hintersee.

Gennerhorn to Lämmerbach (1735 m)

  • Altitude: 900 m
  • degree of difficulty: difficult
  • in spring when the snow cover gets wet through – base avalanches
  • Route up: Setting off from Lämmerbach up to the Genneralm. From here one goes in a fairly large curve keeping to the right, around a hill, before arriving at the east flank of the Gennerhorn. Now you climb the steep east flank until just under a band of rock, out across to the left onto the east ridge. There is now an easy climb to the summit. Note: this ascent should only be undertaken when there is no avalanche risk. When the snow is hard or crusted, one should definitely use crampons for the ascent. If you slip there is a danger of falling off.
  • Departure: One descends via the east ridge down so far until you can ski into the east flank via a ramp. Then there is a nice ski down to the Genneralm and you then ski along the Almstrasse down to Lämmerbach. The east flank of the Gennerhorn has a steepness gradient of over 34 °. You need to be a very good skier.

Further tours

  • Faistenauer Schafberg (1,559 m)
  • Königsberghorn (1621 m)
  • Regenspitz (1675 m)
  • Hoher First (1718 m)
  • Hochwieskopf (1745 m)
  • Hoher Zinken (1764 m)

Solitary peace and quiet on the mountain, ascent in powder snow, splendid view from the summit and then the fabulous descent through the untouched snow. This is a winter holiday in the Salzkammergut in the Fischerwirt Hotel. If we have woken your enthusiasm for going ski touring then please send us your enquiry.

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