Fuschlsee region - Salzkammergut
Fuschlsee region

Fuschlsee region - Salzkammergut

Imperial holiday enjoyment in the Fuschlsee region

Kulturhauptstadt Salzburg

Holiday close to the City of Salzburg

Through its proximity to the Culture and Festival Capital Salzburg, the Fuschlsee region offers you above all the possibility of combining the experiences of nature and the pleasurable swimming to be had in the Salzkammergut with the cultural highlights of Salzburg on your holiday. You can reach the regional capital, Salzburg, from the Fischerwirt Hotel in the Fuschlsee region in about 30 minutes by car.

Be at one with yourself - take strength from nature, enjoy the beauty together

Salzkammergut - Lake Empire

The Salzkammergut Lake Empire gives you 76 lakes, most of which are of drinking water quality. Two of these crystal clear lakes are the Fuschlsee and the Hintersee. The emerald-coloured lakes lie between Salzburg, Mozart's birthplace, and Wolfgangsee, and provide fun on the water and recuperation, even by just watching alone. Added to this is the idyllic Fischerwirt bathing beach directly on the Hintersee natural bathing lake.

The cradle of summer freshness

Fuschlseeregion Salzkammergut

The artist Gustav Klimt, the composer Gustav Mahler or the writer Hugo von Hoffmannsthal and others created some of their most important works in the Salzkammergut. The Salzkammergut is regarded as the cradle of summer freshness. In Bad Ischl, not far away from the Fuschlsee region, the Emperior and Empress spent restful summer days nearly every year.

You too should spend your holiday in one of the most beautiful regions of the Salzkammergut: leave the everyday behind and off to the Fuschlregion! Here you can find the non-binding booking enquiry for your Fischerwirt Hotel in Faistenau. Find out more about the Salzkammergut in Summer and Winter.

Geography and character of the Fuschlsee region

Urlaub in der Fuschlseeregion im Winter

The Salzkammergut stretches from the Fuschlsee region in the West to the Almtal in the East. The ice-age Dachstein glacier to the South shaped this enchanting landscape: when it retreated it left countless lakes and moors. Today the glacier, the Totegebirge, the Höllengebirge and the Sengsengebirge form the majestic mountain backdrop of the Salzkammergut. The mountain world in the Salzkammergut is not only beautiful to look at but it is also a paradise for active sportspersons: walking, mountain-biking, climbing - conquer the mountain world and enjoy the freedom on the summits!

Ausflugsziele in der Fuschlseeregion

Destinations for trips in the Fuschlsee region

  • Rauchhaus (Smokehouse)
    The smokehouse is a dwelling house with incorporated byre and shows how the Flachgau single building farms were constructed in times gone by. On summer evenings you can enjoy traditional farmer's fayre and scrumpy by candlelight here.
  • Lake path
    All the way round the  Hintersee you can enjoy nature at its splendid best: the lake path is just right for an easy walk that children too can manage.
  • Mozart view
    On the 150th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birth in 1906 a path was constructed in his honour, which goes from St. Gilgen to Fuschl am See. It bears the name Mozartsteig.
  • The Mühlen trail
    A nature and adventure path. Particularly worth seeing are the old mills and the "Plötz waterfall".