Referring pays off

Referral bonus

If you have enjoyed your stay with us, please recommend us to others! By doing so, you will bring friends, acquaintances and relatives to enjoy a very special holiday experience. For this you will receive a thank you from us, which will pay off noticeably for you on your next holiday!

For every adult guest who has never stayed with us and whom you can inspire to spend a holiday at the Fischerwirt, we will credit you per person and holiday day € 4.00 for your next holiday. The guests you have referred should merely announce when you make your reservation that they are coming on your recommendation. Then you will receive the corresponding credit note after the departure of the newly referred guests. For example, if a couple comes for a week on your recommendation, you will receive a credit of € 56.00 which you can redeem on one of your next holidays.

We assume that you have already been a guest in our house as a recruiter. No cash payment possible, non-transferable!

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