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What is natural, feels good.

Fischerwirt. Nature. Forest spa.
Your hotel in Faistenau

We have known for a very long time that the forest is a feel-good space. A welcome retreat for humans and animals alike. The trees protectively spread their tops and branches to form a highly functional canopy. Nowhere does the air taste so good. Pleasantly cool in the hot summer. Refreshingly clear in winter.

As a family business, we want to be exactly one thing. A natural, uncomplicated, pleasure-giving source for our guests. With a lot of sensitivity, vision and creativity, we are always working on further development. Pure nature. It remains exciting.

Faistenau? an energetic, lovable, nature-conscious experience & enjoyment area in the Salzkammergut. An ideal starting point for many activities in the fresh air. And down-to-earth moments of enjoyment.

We look forward to welcoming you & your dreams.
Your host family
Ebner & the Fischerwirt team

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01.04. - 30.09.2023
from € 594,- per person

Fishing package

Fishing package

Faistenau Hintersee

Summer Holidays in the Salzkammergut

In Faistenau, located in Salzburger Land between the Hintersee, the Osterhorn mountain group and the Ochsenberg, you will experience an unforgettable family holiday with lots of fun & action for young and old. If you are looking for an active holiday in Salzburger Land you have come to the right place.

Many different activities await you in our feel-good oasis, the Nature Hotel Fischerwirt in Faistenau. Spend your summer holiday hiking, cycling, fishing, swimming in the lake, Nordic walking, canyoning, playing tennis and golf whilst staying with us. One thing is certain: no one will get bored on a summer holiday in Faistenau. The Salzkammergut has always been known for its summer retreats, so why not come here and enjoy your summer holiday to the fullest. Whether it is on the mountains and alpine pastures, at the beautiful and crystal-clear lakes or in the midst of fascinating nature.

Discover your personal favourite places with us, taste the latest and most delicious culinary delights of the house and recharge your batteries in our unique ForestSPA.

Our single, double, family rooms, and suites are all comfortably and naturally decorated, providing an extra class of comfort. The suites are particularly spacious and represent a touch of regionalism. The Kebony Lodge offers a true natural luxury and an oak-based interior, allowing you to live in the midst of the forest.

Enjoy our diverse summer offers and benefit from the many well marked hiking trails, bathing lakes and tennis and golf courses during your summer holiday with us. Visit us with your family on a summer holiday in Faistenau in the Salzkammergut and experience a holiday full of moments of happiness, warm hospitality and excellent service.


In the WaldSPA. Very close

The forest - nature is the most valuable source of strength. The new and unique WaldSPA at the Fischerwirt brings back what we have almost forgotten: The direct connection to nature, which not only allows us to relax, but also gives us new energy at the same time. Under the giant trees we find a place where our soul not only dangles, but resonates in harmony with the trees. In the new WaldSPA, a Finnish sauna and a herbal bio-soft sauna await you in addition to the wonderfully relaxing natural power spots in the mixed forest. Two tranquillity chalets relax the senses and bring out a new sensuality.

Only a few steps away from the hotel, in the middle of the power paradise forest, you can immerse yourself in the harmony of modern, nature-oriented design and the primal energy of nature.  Feel nature, this is the idea behind our WaldSPA and we invite you to approach nature in a gentle way and trust completely in its natural effect. An evolution of well-being with the aim of exploring nature and feeling the pleasure of pure relaxation. Simply forest mode on - world off!

The airy structures of our natural materials such as wood and glass blend seemingly seamlessly with the naturalness of the surroundings. In the WaldSPA you can be very close to the harmony of nature. This is how this retreat was created, dedicated entirely to your well-being and time out.


kebony LODGE

This is what happens when needs are suddenly put into perspective and priorities are shifted. Because you already notice that it's about something bigger - in the new kebony LODGE at the Fischerwirt. At this retreat for dreaming, you live on 35 ² and immerse yourself in nature - up close and personal. On a first-name basis with fox, hare and deer, holidays suddenly take on a new meaning.

Wood charred by fire is the basis and raw material of the innovative lodge, which gets its name from the knot-free façade material and offers a natural form of fire protection. The natural building also integrates into the surroundings in terms of design, is powered by renewable energy and holistically brings you back "in touch" with nature and the forest. Only a few steps away from the Hotel Fischerwirt, this holiday novelty awaits you with the most modern 4-star comfort including flat-screen TV with Sky-Cinema, espresso machine, mini-fridge, internet connection (W-Lan), private forest terrace (approx. 10 m²), private loggia (approx. 4 m²) and much more.



Holidays in originality. Combined with modern 4-star comfort and cosy living flair. Our single, double and family rooms, named after local flowers, offer plenty of space to revive between 20 and 35 m² - and are an invitation to discover a new, nature-loving cosiness. Warm colours and traditional ties, mixed with trendy lifestyle, create a real feel-good atmosphere. Views from your own balcony towards the forest, meadows and mountains bring nature into your holiday home.

Our suites convey a generous, elegant feeling of well-being with room sizes between 35 and 50 m². Many natural materials give the loving design a feeling of home and arrival and stand for our regional roots. The modern suites bear a very special signature with great attention to detail and create an exclusive ambience to relax and regenerate.

Faistenau Hintersee

Summer Holidays in the Salzkammergut

Here in Faistenau, in the midst of the Salzburger Land, bedded in between lake Hintersee, and mountains of the Osterhorngruppe and the Ochsenberg finden Sie im family holiday your oasis for an active holiday in the lake Fuschl region.
Numerous activities await you at our Nature Hotel Fischerwirt, such as skiingcrosscountry skiingskitouring, guidedsnowshoe hiking and more. Snow sports and a romantic winter setting, the best base for everyone to enjoy spending time in the outdoors.
Discover your personal favourite spot, taste the latest creations of the house & recharge at our new ForestSPA. Take advantage of perfectly prepared ski- and crosscountry ski pists as well as winter hiking trails awaiting to be explored during your winter holiday
Our single, double, family rooms, and suites are all comfortably and naturally decorated, providing an extra class of comfort. The suites are particularly spacious and represent a touch of regionalism. The Kebony Lodge offers a true natural luxury and an oak-based interior, allowing you to live in the midst of the forest.
Enjoy our various winter offers and experience an unforgettable and relaxing holiday in the Salzkammergut filled with moments of joy, paired with charme   and our family's warm hospitality.

One hotel. One family. One kitchen. And lots of nature.

In the Salzkammergut, just 20 kilometres from the Mozart- & festival city Salzburg, a natural jewel at 786 metres above sea level called Faistenau awaits you. Surrounded by meadows, forests, mountains and the crystal-clear Hintersee, the Fischerwirt is located in the middle of a natural idyll which has grown over centuries. An ideal starting point for many adventures. It is fortunate that nature shows itself from its most beautiful side right here. And that in every season. 

Your family Ebner


Welcome to the Nature Hotel Fischerwirt.

The best holiday is the one that goes by far too quickly. Those who do not yet know the Hotel Fischerwirt in Faistenau are left with only the anticipation of the upcoming days in the magnificent Fuschlsee region, with the enchanting panorama of the Salzburger Land. And anyone who has been a guest at the Fischerwirt before, knows that the holiday magic only continues within the 4 walls of the Nature Hotel.

Our Nature Hotel Fischerwirt is so special above all because of the simple things: Is it the smile of our family and staff? Is it the loving attentions that are bestowed on every guest? Or is it the joyful atmosphere in which young and old, big and small find a piece of home?
Probably a little bit of everything.

Forest- & Nature Hotel

Beautiful holiday region Salzkammergut.

The Salzkammergut, and especially the Fuschlsee region near Faistenau, offer a variety of activities and attractions in both, summer and winter. In summer, Faistenau offers swimming in the crystal-clear Hintersee, water fun with canyoning in the Strubklamm gorge or boat rides on lake Fuschl. Hobby and sports fishermen can enjoy some good catches here and sports enthusiasts get their money's worth with hiking, cycling, climbing, tennis or golf.

Winter sports fans experience the ultimate snow-scape here in the cross-country skiing paradise of Faistenau, as well as on the pistes in the Salzkammergut. Or why not try snow tubing, tobogganing or any of the many other options available. Experience beautiful pre-Christmas days during Advent in Salzburg and Salzkammergut. 

Vacation in the Salzkammergut Fuschlsee region  has something to offer for everyone. Families, couples, seniors, culture seekers, sports fanatics, groups, ...

Active holiday in the Salzkammergut

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