Only the best of the special

Pleasure-holiday thanks to regional produce

On your enjoyment holiday at the Nature Hotel Fischerwirt, the day begins with the rich breakfast buffet filled with regional organic produce.

Freshly baked goods, raw milk cheese from the region, hearty home-smoked meats, homemade cream cheese and variations of freshly prepared breakfast eggs make the hearts of all gourmets beat faster. A large selection of fresh fruits and spreads, as well as jams and muesli variations made according to the Fischerwirt's recipe, are the perfect way to get your day off to a good start.

Of course our kitchen also uses regional products in the 4 course gourmet menus. If you want to see how they do it – get a glimpse behind the scenes of our natural cuisine, our kitchen team will be happy to invite you to a cooking class of seasonal dishes - depending on the time of year.

Natural enjoyment from home

At the Nature Hotel Fischerwirt we always serve fresh, lovingly prepared dishes and regionality will always have priority. We work with small, local producers and products such as butter, yoghurt and curd cheese come from local dairies.

With a clear conscience, isn't that exactly what a pleasure holiday is all about?

Knowing where it comes from

Our producers

We are not only connected to our producers by the same sense for traditional values and inherited knowledge, but by good neighbourliness: most of our partners are from the Salzkammergut.

Organic eggs from the Quehenberger family in Annaberg

The family farm is a paradise for their chickens: sand bath and straw nests, GMO-free and organic food. Every year we use aroung 30,000 eggs from their farm at the Fischerwirt, and every single one tastes good.


All the dairy products used in our kitchen come from Salzburger Milch – 100% fresh milk, plain and fruit yoghurt.

Fresh trout & char from lake Fuschlsee

Gerhard Langmaier from the Fuschlsee is a passionate fish farmer. And at the Fischerwirt we get to process all the delicious char, salmon, brown and rainbow trout, whitefish, ... coming from him.

Local beef and venison

The farmer and hunter Rupert Stöllinger from Hintersee supplies us with his excellent beef and venison from the local forests.

Sausages, bacon & ham

Johann Fuchs owns the butchery in Koppl and supplies us with his delicious products.

Bread and pastries

Enjoy the hearty farmhouse bread from our farmers' wives Loisi and Liesi, fresh from the wood-fired oven. Fine, sweet pastries from Marietta and other delicacies from the organic bakery in Faistenau.

Healthy & fresh vegetables

We source a total of 70 percent of the vegetables needed in our kitchen from Walser farmers. Like us, they value tradition and the inherited knowledge.

Herbs, berries & mushrooms

In the untouched meadows and forests around the Fischerwirt, we find so many ingredients for cooking: berries and mushrooms at the Faistenau Schafberg mountain, dandelion in our meadows or wild garlic at the Hintersee – to name just a few.

Honey from neighbour Norbert Moser and his bees

Our neighbour Norbert Moser is a beekeeper with heart and soul. He looks after 12 bee colonies in two locations where his busy bees produce up to 200 kilograms of honey per year. ...and we are allowed to taste some of it.

Distillates from the Vogl family – Guglhof

The Vogl family in Hallein are experts for high percentage drops. They provide us with their excellent distillates carrying fine notes, coming from the best raw materials.

Regionality on the plate - pleasure on the palate

Indulge in natural cuisine with all your senses

When you can call one of the most untouched regions your home, you can make use of that. The innovativenatural cuisine with Salzkammergut flair needs its regonal products and produces from close-by. Our kitchen team knows and values the quality that comes with the short distance, natural production and reliability or our producers. Through creativity, love to regional products, the urge to try new things and innovative cooking skills real pleasure menus are created. At the Nature Hotel Fischerwirt food is not only a mean to make you feel full, it is culinary enjoyment and being pampered in a cosy ambience.

SUSTAINABLE HOLIDAY at the Nature Hotel Fischerwirt

Appreciate nature & be in harmony

Sustainable holidays make you happy all around. Sich selbst etwas Gutes tun mit dem Wissen, auf Ökologie und Nachhaltigkeit zu achten, gibt ein schönes Gefühl. Die Naturküche aus regionalen Produkten unterstreicht die nachhaltige Ausrichtung des Naturhotels Fischerwirt.

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