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The city of Salzburg and especially the Salzkammergut have always been known for their summer retreats. People have come and continue to come here to enjoy their summer to the fullest. Whether in the mountains and alpine meadows, by the wonderful lakes, or simply amidst the incredibly beautiful nature.

It is where nature and human movement unite as they should. And no matter where you go, your taste buds will not be forgotten: they will be treated with regional cuisine and constantly surprised anew.

City of SalzburgCity of Salzburg
Discover SalzkammergutDiscover Salzkammergut
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Welcome to the city of Mozart

City od Salzburg

The city of Salzburg is delicately framed by venerability. A rich history lies in the streets, at the Salzburg Festival, in the shops - in Salzburg, history is lived and tradition is celebrated.

Discover the city of Mozart, just a 30-minute drive from the **** Hotel Fischerwirt.

Discover Salzburg

From lake Hintersee to Dachstein

Destinations across Salzkammergut

Discover the diversity of nature, culture, customs & adventures around Hotel Fischerwirt, located at lake Hintersee in the Fuschlsee region.

Trip destinations in and around Salzkammergut – Exciting and varied, and not far from your **** Hotel Fischerwirt.

Destinations across Salzkammergut

Plenty to discover

Family trips in Salzburg Land

There is much to see in Salzburg Land, and when you spend your vacation at the Nature Hotel Fischerwirt, the most interesting destinations are just a stone's throw away.

For children, young and old. Especially exciting are castle Hohenwerfen, the old salt mine in Hallein, the toy museum, and the House of Nature – real highlights for you and your children.

Discover family trips

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