Wald SPA im Naturhotel Fischerwirt
Saunen mit Ruhebereichen im WaldSPA
Natur pur im WaldSPA

Recharging at the Fischerwirt

ForestSPA. So close to nature.

Our theme has always been to be close and connected to nature. One can feel this in our new forestSPA. A place of retreat that lets us relax amongst the trees. Plenty of space to observe the rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, the squirrels in the trees and majestic red deer. Perceptions that clear the head, calm the pulse and revive our senses. The fast pace of everyday life simply leaves too little time for the necessary regeneration. Let our forestSPA guide you to relaxation.

Our new saunas with relax areas invite you to explore nature and unwind. So get into your cosy bathrobes, comfortable sauna towels and slippers - they're ready and waiting - and head up into the forest.

Only a few steps behind the main building, the new forest chalets await. Finnish sauna, gentle herbal sauna, two quiet chalets for you to relax in and the kebony LODGE await you under the majestic evergreen spruces, resin-free firs, popular beeches and light ash trees of the Fischerwirt mixed forest.

The natural materials such as wood and glass blend seamlessly into the surroundings and lets you be close to the harmony of nature.

The forest is simply always a soothing companion.

Sauna im WaldSPA im Naturhotel Fischerwirt
Entspannung & Erholung mitten in der Natur
Ruhebereich im WaldSPA
Blick auf die herrliche Landschaft vom Ruhebereich

Immerse yourself in nature

  • Finnish sauna
  • Gentle herbal sauna
  • Infrared sauna 
  • Relaxing quiet chalets
  • Natural places of strength within the mixed forest
  • Kebony Lodge

The sauna experience in idyllic ambience.

FOREST SAUNA—breathe with nature

Sweating is healthy. It exercises the blood vessels, cleanses the skin and its pores, and also strengthens the cardiovascular system. Depending on your preference or physical tolerance, our saunas offer different temperatures. With a view of the forest. That is really something special.

Before and after your sauna session, the invigorating shower and relaxation oases with cosy loungers provide everything you need. The juice and tea bar with high-quality local tea blends and fresh fruit replenishes the energy depots.

Finnish sauna

Feel the soothing power of the 90° heat in the Finnish forest sauna. Pour water over the hot stones and distributes the rising steam evenly throughout the room by waving a towel. This increases the humidity and you really start to sweat. Natural aromatic essences transport you to the mountain world of the Salzkammergut.

Gentle herbal sauna

Pleasant warmth and humidity releases the essential oils of dried mountain flowers and herbs so they can be absorbed through the respiratory tract and the skin. If you close your eyes, you will feel as if you are in the midst of lush alpine meadows. At a temperature of 60° Celsius, the herbal sauna is a pleasant, gentle alternative.


Not rush, but ease will let us achieve our goals!
Generating energy from tranquility. Enjoying silence. Taking time.

Umkleidebereich im WaldSPA
Entspannen auf den Liegen im Ruheberiech
Saunieren im WaldSPA
Wohlfühlangebot mit Massagen & Peelings
Blick von den Ruheliegen in den Wald
Ausblick vom WaldSPA auf die umliegende Landschaft

Our feel-good massage & peeling offerings

Let our massage offerings supplement the relax-factor of your stay atthe Fischerwirt in Faistenau.

 estimated durationprice in euro

classic full body massage 
tensions will be loosened, positive effect on organs, blood flow & metabolism,

50 Minutes€ 64,-

partial massage/back or leg massage
loosens tensions & blockings.

25 Minutes

€ 38,-

foot reflex zone massage
applying gentle pressure onte reflex zones
positively effects and loosens the connected organs and bodyparts

40 Minutes€ 52,-

gentle, harmonising massage to 
help the body to detox and reduce swelling

50 Minutes€ 72,-

acupuncture massage (Penzel)/back massage mix
for poblems with vertebrates and joints


50 Minutes€ 66,-

free thoughts massage
gentle, relaxingentspannende head, neck and shoulder
massage with rose oil allows you to enter a world of  
deep relaxation.

25 Minutes€ 38,-

Thorn Breuss massage
for hip problems, unequal leg lengths, issues of vetebrates
specific movements and slight pressure help 
return joints into the right position
followed by a relaxing massage with St. John's wort oil.

50 Minutes€ 72,-

full body peeling
refreshing: peeling with sunfloweroil for
silky and smooth skin.

30 Minutes€ 42,-

full body peeling with cream package
receptive from the peeling,
your skin will be supplied with valuable active ingredients by the body package

60 Minutes€ 78,-

Free like a bird—fresh air, nature and the tranquility of mountains revives body and soul.

Zurücklehnen & Zurückfinden zur Natur
Moderne Ausstattung im WaldSPA

Leaning back & finding back

Lean back in the relaxing quiet chalets and enjoy the view. Let go of any ballast after an eventful day when sitting on the warm wood in the forest sauna or under the calm hands of our masseur. At the Fischerwirt thoughts are not spent on yesterday or tomorrow, but fully on the here and now. Finding back to the things that really count in live, to ones roots and simply oneself. Everything is possible during a relax holiday in the Salzkammergut 

Psst! We reveal our favourite place: Take off your shoes. Put your watch onto the bedside table. Bye-bye calender – you have finally arrived at the Fischerwirt.


Four star hotel in Faistenau with forestSPA

What does WaldSPA mean at the Naturhotel Fischerwirt?

The WaldSPA at the Fischerwirt is unique! A special place of retreat and well-being in the midst of nature. Here you can forget everyday life and recharge your batteries.

Which Hotel in the Salzkammergut is suited best to relax surrounded by nature?

The nature hotel Fischerwirt has a unique forest spa with saunas, quiet- and energy places as well as diverse massage offerings.

Which are family-friendly wellness hotels in the Salzkammergut?

The nature hotel Fischerwirt is great for families. The forest spa offers saunas, infrared cabins, quiet- and energy places as well as diversse massages.

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