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Growing up in the midst of the mountains, we are closely connected to nature. The idea of combining the energy of our unique surroundings with the amenities of our hotel in the Salzkammergut inspires us. We are not concerned with higher, further or faster. No—we attribute great importance to tradition.

We are convinced that you have to do things consciously. And that we can enrich each other: With a little smile that we give each other again and again. In the form of a good conversation. Or simply by daring to do something new.

We have the urge to make the Fischerwirt a place that is more than just a hotel, that is more than just a room or a table in a restaurant. We believe that the Fischerwirt is a place with its own energy and aura.

Everybody finds reasons to start their day full of energy: An inner drive, a passion. We want to enrich, inspire and pamper our guests through moments. Day after day.

"Only who knows one's roots, can build a future in the present”

host Rudi Ebner is happy

Our Values & Ideals

Responsibility for the gift of nature

Nature provides us with resources and beauties that man cannot replicate. We greatly appreciate the richness of our region with the majestic mountains, the crystal clear Hintersee in our valley, the many colourful meadows, and especially the energetic places in our forests. We gratefully accept these gifts and are happy to share them with our guests. Dealing responsibly with our nature is a life principle for us. Because we have learnt that man cannot separate personal happiness from harmony with nature.

Therefore, our kitchen although consistently regional remains open for diverse and international inspirations. Moderately and close to nature.


We look forward to welcoming you & your dreams.
Your hosts
The Ebners & the Fischerwirt team

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