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City of Salzburg

The activities in our region are as diverse as our Fischerwirt guests. Not only do you have the possibility to hike and ski, but you can also explore numerous other activities and sights across the Salzkammergut, for example our state capital Salzburg, which is only 30 minutes from the hotel.

The city of Salzburg is delicately framed by venerability. A rich history lies in the streets, at the Salzburg Festival, in the shops - in Salzburg, history is lived and tradition is celebrated. Modern thoughts that seek originality, a passion for the past, determine everyday life. Stroll through the narrow alleys and enjoy the flair of Salzburg's old town. Art and culture meet in the City of Salzburg, mountains and lakes in the Salzkammergut.

Sehenswürdigkeiten in der Stadt Salzburg

Cultural strongholdCultural stronghold
Hohensalzburg FortressHohensalzburg Fortress
House of NatureHouse of Nature
Hangar-7 Aircraft MuseumHangar-7 Aircraft Museum
Hellbrunn Palace and the Water GamesHellbrunn Palace and the Water Games
Salzburg ZooSalzburg Zoo
More tips for your day tripMore tips for your day trip

Cultural stronghold

Salzburg has always been regarded as a stronghold of music and theater. The city's most famous offspring is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – his compositions have enchanted people from all over the world and will continue to do so for eternity. Find his birthplace in Getreidegasse. The Salzburg Festival held during the summer months is a cultural highlight. Traditional and modern interpretations of theatre, opera, concerts and more attract culture enthusiasts from all over the world. Your Nature Hotel Fischerwirt near Salzburg City is the ideal location to start your cultural exploration. 

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Majestically towering high above the old town. A landmark and symbol at the same time. Hohensalzburg Fortress gives a glimpse of Salzburg's position in European history over the past centuries. The fortress is a popular destination with views over the entire city. It can be reached by foot or by a funicular railway and offers great walks high above the roofs and baroque towers of the city. 

House of Nature

Salzburg's most popular museum presents nature at its most exciting over 7,000 m²: from fascinating underwater worlds in the aquarium to extraterrestrial experiences in the space hall, from giant dinosaurs from long past eras to a journey into the human body. Another highlight: research and experimentation in Austria's most versatile science center. Best to discover for yourself – this museum is an adventure.

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Hangar-7 Aircraft Museum

East of Salzburg Airport Hangar-7 is a multifunctional building that houses a collection of historical aircrafts, helicopters, and Formula 1 racing cars owned by entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz. The steel skeleton is covered by a continuous clear glass shell. The flat, slightly inclined ellipsoid is diagonally cut at the hangar door and intersected by two cylindrical towers opposite the entrance. However, Hangar 7 is not only known for engineers' master pieces – also the regular art exhibitions attract many visitors. Embedded in the unique location the artwork appears even more impressive. Another highlight: research and experimentation. 

Hellbrunn Palace and the Water Games

Not a palace, but a pleasure palace! Hunting castles are for hunting, residences for living and governing – but what is a pleasure palace? Quite simply a place for celebration, pleasure, and relaxation. A representative holiday residence with a park and water games. Pleasure palaces were very much in vogue around 1615. At Hellbrunn, this has hardly changed in 400 years. However, in the past pleasure was reserved for Prince-Archbishops like Markus Sittikus. Today anyone can stroll through the park, enjoy the water games, and celebrate in the palace.

The famous Hellbrunn Water Games are considered a true spectacle that can be experienced today as it was over 400 years ago: mystical grottoes, water-powered figures, and treacherous spray fountains await you. Expect the unexpected and enjoy the thrill of the games!

Water automata, grottoes, fountains - Markus Sittikus had an installation built that amazed, entertained, and fooled his guests. A mannerist toy for big children. However, the water games offer you more than just a fun and wet experience: you will experience a unique cultural jewel that cannot be found anywhere else in this form. Figures moved by water power await you, as well as water-spouting deer. Be prepared for surprises!

Salzburg Zoo

The Salzburg Zoo is located in the south of the City of Salzburg. The 14-hectare area is part of the historic park of Hellbrunn Palace and borders the municipality of Anif to the south. The zoo is home to around 1,500 animals and 150 species. Native and exotic animal species from Alpine ibex to mongoose can be found here. Zoo visitors can also experience the wildlife of Asia, South America, and Africa up close!

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More Tips for Your Day Trip to Salzburg

  • Salzburg Cathedral and the DomQuartier
  • A ride with the horse-drawn carriage (here Fiaker) through Salzburg's old town
  • Hiking on the Mönchsberg
  • Attach a lock to the Makartsteg bridge, throw the key into the Salzach river ... and love will last forever
  • A visit to the traditional Cafe Tomaselli
  • A walk through the Mirabell Gardens and a visit to Mirabell Palace
  • Visiting the enchanting Christmas markets at Domplatz, St. Peter, and Hellbrunn
  • Stiegl's World of Brewing
  • and much more...

Holiday in Salzburg - Holiday at Hotel Fischerwirt

Holiday with a visit to Salzburg. We gladly assist you with planning your holiday at the **** Hotel Fischerwirt Nature.ForestSPA – we still have many insider tips for you. Send us your non-binding booking inquiry now. 


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