Enjoy a special fishing holiday in Salzkammergut

Fishing holiday in Faistenau in Austria

A fishing holiday in Austria is the perfect break for all those who want to relax in harmony with nature. Just a ten-minute walk from the Naturhotel Fischerwirt, this idyllic natural lake awaits you, nestled in the breathtaking mountains of the Osterhorn group in the Salzkammergut.

The Hintersee, 1.5 km long and up to 700 m wide, offers fishing enthusiasts real holiday freedom far away from the stress of everyday life. With 11 different species of fish, including grayling, various types of trout and river perch, every day of fishing is an unforgettable nature experience. Enjoy the tranquillity and picturesque scenery while you cast your line. The hotel's special fishing package helps you to concentrate fully on fishing. Fish from sunrise to sunset, from May to September, and experience the freedom and tranquillity of Lake Hintersee.

Enjoy the pleasures of fishing at our idyllic lake Hintersee, far from stress, simply surrounded by unspoilt nature.

01.04. - 30.09.2023
from € 594,- per person

Fishing package

Fishing package

Fishing at lake Hintersee

11 different types of fish

At the picturesque Hintersee, nestled in the natural scenery of Austria, fishing holidays offer an impressive variety: 11 different fish species are native here, including grayling, various trout species such as brown trout, brook trout, Arctic char, lake trout, rainbow trout, as well as bullhead, minnow (Pfrille), perch, roach and rudd. The fishing regulations are designed to protect the natural population and at the same time ensure an enjoyable fishing experience. Hotel guests at our nature hotel are particularly privileged and can also enjoy fishing from a fishing boat. Enjoy your fishing holiday on the crystal-clear Hintersee in the Salzkammergut, one of the most beautiful spots in Austria.


  • Catch limit: Per day 4 pieces of salmonids and 20 pieces of minnows (Pfrillen) may be taken. All other fish species have no catch limit.
  • Permitted bait: Maggots, dough, corn, flashers, other artificial baits, dead bait fish (only from Hintersee), 1 jig with max. 5 hooks, fly. All types of worms are prohibited. Bottom fishing only with single hooks. Fishing is generally only permitted from the shore - however, our hotel guests have the advantage that they are also allowed to go out with the fishing boat.
  • Fishing times: Fishing is possible from 1 April to 30 September from sunrise to sunset. In Austria you only need a guest fishing card which you can obtain from us.
  • Fishing tackle: 2 Fishing rods

  • Children: A child up to 12 years of age may fish free of charge with a second rod under the supervision of an adult fishing card holder. The child's catch counts towards the daily catch.

Day ticket prices for idyllic fishing pleasure

 AdultsYouths (12 - 18 years)
Day pass€ 25,00€ 12,00
Day pass with the Salzkammergut Erlebnis-Card€ 20,00€ 10,00
Group prices from 5 day passes/person€ 18,00 


The Fischerwirt plus for your fishing holiday

The Naturhotel Fischerwirt is the ideal starting point for an unforgettable fishing holiday on Lake Hintersee in the Salzkammergut. Just a ten-minute walk from our hotel, the peaceful Hintersee, together with nearby waters such as the Fuschlsee and the Wiestalstausee, offers excellent conditions for keen anglers.

At the Fischerwirt, we know how to make your fishing holiday as pleasant and successful as possible. Benefit from our comprehensive range of services, which are specially tailored to the needs of anglers. 

  • Expert & free advice: Our experienced team is on hand to provide you with expert advice free of charge.
  • Daily licence: You can obtain the required daily licence directly at our reception and we will also take care of filling out the forms for you.
  • Handling your catch: You can leave your fish swimming in our hotel's own aquarium until your departure or we can prepare them deliciously for you. We can also freeze your catch until the day of your departure.
  • Use of the rowing boat: As a hotel guest you may fish from the fishing boat, although fishing on Lake Hintersee is generally only permitted from the shore for day licence holders.
  • Drying room for clothes and shoes

Don't just rely on your fishing luck; our local conditions and specialised service significantly increase your chances of successful catches. Whether you are planning a short break or a longer stay, the Naturhotel Fischerwirt invites you to linger at any time of year.
Look forward to your fishing holiday at the Fischerwirt - Petri Heil!

Welches Hotel im Salzkammergut ist besonders für einen Angelurlaub geeignet?

Einen besonders schönen Angelurlaub bietet das 4 Sterne Hotel Fischerwirt am Hintersee in Faistenau. Nur 10 Gehminuten vom Hotel entfernt, können begeisterte Fischer inmitten des wunderschönen Salzkammergutes hier mit der 5-tägigen Fischerpauschale 3 Tage von Sonnenaufgang bis Sonnenuntergang im Hintersee fischen. Außerdem steht ein Ruderboot zum Fischen zur Verfügung.

Where can you fish in Austria?

Lake Hintersee in the Salzkammergut is a special fishing paradise in Austria. The 1.5 km long and 700 m wide natural lake is just a 10-minute walk from the 4-star Hotel Fischerwirt. As the name suggests, the "Fischerwirt" is the perfect hotel for a fishing holiday in Austria with many advantages, from the storage of fish in the hotel's own aquarium to the preparation of the fish caught in the Fischerwirt kitchen. We are also happy to advise you personally on site.

Which lake in Austria is particularly good for fishing?

Lake Hintersee in the Salzkammergut is particularly suitable for fishing. The natural lake, just a 10-minute walk from the Fischerwirt - the 4-star hotel with "Petri Heil" in its name - allows the following bait: maggots, dough, corn, spoons, other artificial bait, dead bait fish (only from the Hintersee), 1 hook with max. 5 hooks, fly. All types of worms are expressly prohibited. Bottom fishing is only permitted with single hooks. Fishing is only permitted from the shore - however, Fischerwirt hotel guests may also go out onto the lake in a rowing boat.

Where are the best fishing spots on Lake Hintersee?

Just a 10-minute walk from the 4-star Hotel Fischerwirt is the circular hiking trail, which leads directly along the shores of Lake Hintersee and around the lake. From the 5 km long circular trail, you can go directly to the lake in many places, where you can choose your favourite fishing spot yourself. The spots around the Taugl tributary are very popular.

How much does a day ticket for fishing at Hintersee cost?

A day licence for fishing on the Hintersee costs for hotel guests at the Fischerwirt:  

  • for adults € 20,--,
  • for youths € 10,--.

You also need a tax licence:

  • Daily licence: Euro 7.00 and
  • weekly licence: Euro 13,50.

This licence is valid for all lakes in the Salzburger Land. The daily licence of an adult includes the free fishing of a child up to 12 years of age under supervision. However, the child's catch counts towards the daily catch. This is limited to 4 pieces of game fish (per day).  The day tickets are available from reception at the 4-star Hotel Fischerwirt. The catch can also be kept in the aquarium until departure.

What species of fish are there in the Hintersee?

The Hintersee, an idyllic natural lake in the Salzkammergut, is home to 11 different species of fish: grayling, brown trout, brook trout, Arctic char, lake trout, rainbow trout, bullhead, minnow/peach, perch, roach and rudd. If you buy a day licence, you can fish for 4 salmonids and 20 minnows (Pfrillen) as well as all other fish species in unlimited quantities. Fishing here is only permitted from the shore. Only guests of the 4-star Hotel Fischerwirt are allowed to go fishing on the lake in a rowing boat.

When can you fish at Hintersee in the Salzkammergut?

The fishing season lasts from 1 April to 30 September each year. Fishing is permitted daily from sunrise to sunset. To fish you need a day ticket, which hotel guests can purchase for € 20.  (1 child up to the age of 12 is included free of charge per ticket, youngsters cost € 10) at the reception of the 4-star Hotel Fischerwirt. Each person may fish with two fishing rods. You also need a fishing licence at a daily price of EUR 7.00 or a weekly ticket for EUR 13.50.

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Holiday at the Hintersee at Hotel Fischerwirt in the Salzkammergut

Lake Hintersee

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